Maintain Your Strength & Mobility Beyond Your 60’s

Maintain Your Strength & Mobility Beyond Your 60’s

Naturally we have a peak strength, for men and women this is generally around the age of 25. This will vary from individual to individual and you may well maintain this strength for about 10-15 years beyond that peak. It makes sense then to understand that as we get older we also get stiffer through our joints and soft tissues. This is in part due to habitual postures – how you have sat at the desk for the last 15 years! How you move, the activities you have undertaken. This changes loading and range, maintaining your best possible range of movement will help your joint health and therefore your movement health, when targeted with strength training.

The problem is that good muscle strength and mobility are essential for our health and well being, so we need to work to maintain a good level, for our age, so we can enjoy all of lifes challenges. I know it can be hard to accept you are beyond your peak however your body can adapt and with the right training, you can certainly increase your strength from your current level and improve your mobility, allowing you to enhance your movement health. It is about putting the right training in place for you, your activities, your goals and your life challenges.

Why are strength & mobility important for your health? Essentially all our soft tissues need to move to stay healthy, and strength training can help you protect your joints from injury, maintain good posture to prevent poor or excessive laoading through the joints. The mobility work that you undertake helps make sure your joints and ligaments are supple, have good and full range available to them, again this prevents excessive loading of joints in one directions, reduces stress on specific soft tissues and will help you maintain good functional range of movement for any sports or activities you undertake.

The good news is that there are a number of ways you can training to improve your strength and mobility. Finding the right training method for you is essential, so you can maintain a pattern that will get you the results you are looking for. At Performance Logic we have a host of great options for your training, as listed below;

Foundation Training – our skilled Performance Coaches, who all have training in dealing with movement and injuries are ideally placed to assess and build a programme for you that will build your strength and mobility in a safe environment.

Reformer Pilates – training with our skilled Pilates instructors can really help you work on mobility and core strength under the focused attention of the team. You will feel taller, stronger and more dynamic.

Running Training – every runner can improve their running form, at any age, with focused work with our experienced running coaches. They will help improve mobility and improve the neural pathways to change how you move, form is key. If you change how you run you cna then develop your running speed.

Your movement health is important. Don’t let poor movement or strength affect your life and the activities you enjoy.

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