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For Running Evolution Performance & Junior Sessions

45 Minute

Adult Running Video Analysis
  • The opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your running form, through the power of video anaylsis.
  • You will complete an introduction to the treadmill, complete a full running history and warm up. The running coach will then complete videos of you running. They will then take you through your form in our performance room.

Introductory Running

3 Session Technique Starter Pack
  • The best place to start your running journey. Your running coach will introduce you to the basics of good running form and help you start your journey.
  • Build Running Technique
  • Improve Movement Patterns
  • Reduce Injury Risk

60 Minute

Junior Movement Analysis
  • For junior athletes looking for athletic development. With this age group we need to analyse both movement and running to put together the best plan for their athletic development.
  • This is a crucial stage to help them develop an understanding of the best habits that can change their movement for life.
  • Available to anyone 18 or under
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