Can You Change How You Run?

Can You Change How You Run?

Running Coaching can help you prepare for your next race improving your running form & speed.

If you have a place in the London Marathon 2022, October, now is the time to begin your journey and allow you to get to the start line in great shape.

The wonderful thing is you are never too old to learn. Our brains are amazing and the neural pathways are constantly developing, so yes you can change how you move, and therefore you can change how you run. There is only one thing stopping you for being the best runner you can be.

Today we look at a Twister, note how the shoulders rotate and the core is moving while the heels are low. With coaching and training in the final video the core is stronger, the movement is at the shoulders not the trunk driving the runner forwards and the leg cycle is looking hugely improved.

There are still work ons – essentially with more hip and core stability training this runner will be ready to work on speed development, but huge steps have been taken in the right direction with the development of a good strong running technique and the understanding of how to incoproate this into weekly training so it continues to develop and embed into the movement patterning.

The London Marathon is now about 5 months away so now is the time to begin changing your running so you can get your training programme right. Don\’t leave it too late – start your journey today.

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