Are you Shuffling when you Run?

Are you Shuffling when you Run?

If you are a Shuffle Runner.
Why is this potentially a problem for running injuries?
Firstly grab a mate and video your running from the side at your normal running speed.

Do your heels get above mid calf hieght? If not then there is a fair chance you are shuffling when you run. Your cadence will be high, and sometimes peopel adapt this type of running style in an attempt to improve cadence without addressing their technical issues first.

Why is this a problem?

Well you are putting a lot of stress on your back hips and knees due to the jarring effect of your running style, and you will be loading your ITB due to the weaknesses around your hip area. If you want to run to get fit and stay healthy then it is important to address these types of issues. Nobody wants to get a running injury, especially if it is avoidable

What can you do?

Know you know you are sjhuffling try to work on developing your hip strength with single leg squats and hopping on the spot, plus wokr on the activation and strengthening exercise for your hamstrings that is included in this video. It is a great place ot start to change how you move.

Enjoy your running, develop the skill of improved running technique. Running technique always needs developmeent due to the postures we adopt ona day to day basis.

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