Build your Running Form

Build your Running Form

Then you can work on smashing your PB’s

Today we look at a runner who we have worked with on developing running form. With a background in tennis this is a new venture into endurance running and improving 5k running speed. As with everything the foundation movement patterns for running and the development of sound, repeatable running form are essential.

This should always be the first step before you try to improve performance, with a solid foundation in place you can push your running performance gains with confidence. The journey to change involves improving your movement patterning to develop the solid base – and from the video you can see the improvements made through good coaching of technique.

These steps are so improtant for triathletes, as we move through and into the major part of the triathlon season. Running form and efficiency are key to the transition from bike to the run leg, and having the right habits in place will help you no end as you progress through your run phase.

And yes there are still things that need fine tuning, but that is easier to develop now the base has improved, so continued coaching will help further development.

Building Better Runners